What's The Right Surfboard Volume?

What's The Right Surfboard Volume?

You might be asking yourself this question and wondering how the feel and performance relate to the volume in a board. Or maybe you are unsure what volume measurements are really used for. With all the different lengths, types and purposes of surfboards, volume is a great tool to help you choose the right size board.

Volume is the total size of the board represented three-dimensionally and is most commonly represented in liters (L). Volume is used in addition to looking at the overall shape, length, width, and thickness of a surfboard to help create some comparison between different boards and shapes. For example, if you are looking at a small flat rockered fish for small waves but aren’t really sure what length you should get, you can use volume as a guide to compare it to your every-day board and understand which size might be right for you.

When looking at volume it is more simply telling us how much buoyancy the board will have and the right amount is subjective. Heavier surfers need more volume as do beginners. Advanced surfers tend to prefer less volume for higher performance and maneuverability. With more volume does come more weight. Luckily, Varial’s technologies keep boards lighter without sacrificing durability or performance.  A common question we get is "should I adjust my volume for Varial?" Our light weight technologies do help the board feel a little more buoyant when paddling, but we do not recommend adjusting your volume for this.  When on a wave, the board will still have a great flex and drive and not surf "on top of the water" like EPS constructions. 

Finding the right volume to your level of surfing and the types of waves you ride will increase your wave count and happiness. Use our chart as a guide to help understand what your correct volume might be. You can click on any volume number that we carry to see what boards are available in that range.

Weight (lbs.) Beginner Intermediate Experienced Advanced
80 32 24 19 16
90 35 26 20 17
100 38 28 22 19
110 39 30 23 20
120 41 31 24 21
130 43 32 25 22
140 45 34 26 23
150 48 36 28 24
160 51 38 30 26
170 54 40 32 27
180 57 42 34 29
190 60 44 36 30
200 64 47 38 31
210 67 50 40 32
220 72 54 42 36
230 77 58 45 39
240 83 62 48 41
  • Beginner: Just learning or new to surfing.
  • Intermediate: Surfing infrequently, lower fitness, going down-the-line, learning to carve.
  • Experienced: Experienced surfer, average or above fitness, with basic-progressive maneuvers.
  • Advanced: High-performance surfers, waves of consequence, very fit.

It’s important to keep in mind the type of waves that will be surfed, the dimensions of the person, the style of surfing they would like to achieve. A longer board doesn’t necessarily mean a higher volume board. Keep in mind that the dimensions (L x W x H) and shape of the board all dictate how much volume there will be. So next time you are ready to purchase a new board, think about what types of waves you'll be riding and where you want to go with your surfing. Good technique on a more buoyant surfboard always wins over a lower volume board and aggressive surfing.  Having a board that is right for you is essential, and for your wave count.

We have some higher volume mid-length boards being built right now, so if you're looking for something more than 36 liters check back or sign up for our email to get updates on new boards. If you are interested in a custom board from us you can browse them here.  Please drop us a line if you have questions info@varialsurf.com - we are always happy to help.