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Ultra joe surfboard for sale. In stock 5'7. Groveler surfboard, performance surfboard. Standard glass, futures fins, 3 fin setup, infused glass and varial foam, surfboard carbon tail hits, squash tail. CI Surfboards Al Merrick logos, CI hex logos, varial logos.

Ultra Joe 5'7"

Lovelace surfcraft fish surfboard. Hand shaped surfboard by Ryan Lovelace. Twin fin surfboard, fish surfboard, performance surfboard. In stock Ryan lovelace surfboard. Built with Varial foam infused glass and varial foam stringerless surfboard blank.

Lovelace 5'4" Fish

Xanadu SW21 surfboard with varial infused glass and varial foam. 5'11 Xanadu performance surfboard, 3-fin futures, standard glass, polyester resin, army green airbrush tail fade, carbon tail hits

SW21 5'11"

$699.00 $780.00
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Taco Grinder 6'4

Taco Grinder 6'4

Neckbeard 2 5'9"

Neckbeard 2 5'9"

6'1" Channel Islands Happy featuring Varial Foam and Infused Glass surfboard technology for a strong, light, fast surfboard.

Happy 6'1"