Flynn Novak goes over his quiver from everyday shortboards from Akila Aipa to his trusted Bra Bra Surf (Brian King) step up. Flynn shares a magic Varial foam surfboard that has been going strong since 2016 and explains why Varial Foam is essential for any surfer that wants to worry less about their equipment and keep the focus on progessive performance.

Filmed by: Keale Lemos

Editing by: Paul Malixi

Additional surf photography provided by: Pedro Gomes, Connor Trimble, and Rory Pringle

Patrick test rides the newest addition to the Varial Surf Technology line with our ulta-light weight surf foil board. Hand made and engineered in the USA, Varial's foil boards are made with the most advanced aerospace materials for the lightest, strongest and most responsive construction on the market.