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Disasym 6'0"

Disasym 6'0"

Foil board for sale. 4'6" with varial infused glass and varial foam core. Strong layup, ideal for any surfboard foil

Foil Surfboard 4'6

CI Rocketwide surfboard with varial infused glass and varial foam. 5'10 performance surfboard, groveler surfboard, CI surfboard, user friends small wave board, small wave surfboard. 3-fin futures fins, standard glass, polyester surfboard resin, rail band airbrush.

Rocket Wide 5'10"

Lovelace surfcraft soopersnake surfboard. Hand shaped surfboard by Ryan Lovelace. Asymmetrical surfboard, asym, performance surfboard. In stock Ryan lovelace surfboard. Built with Varial foam infused glass and varial foam stringerless surfboard blank.

Lovelace 5'10 1/2" SooperSnake

Og flyer surfboard for sale. 6'0" with varial surf technology infused glass and varial foam. Thruster surfboard, performance surfboard, groveler surfboard, channel islands surfboard, CI surfboard, polyester surfboard resin, standard surfboard glass layup, futures fins

OG Flyer 6'0"

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Surf Prescriptions 5'6" Deadly Flying Turtle surfboard deck image. Funboard groveler built with the best surf tech - varial foam surfboard blank and vacuum bag Infused glass for a long lasting, highly responsive surfboard. Polyester resin, 4-fin Futures, custom surfboard fluoro yellow spin art.

Deadly Flying Turtle 5'6"