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Twin Fin Fish with William Aliotti:

Twin Fin Fish with William Aliotti:

William Aliotti is a bit of an underground ripper who can apply his talents to a variety of traditional and non-traditional surf crafts.  A professional surfer hailing from France, this goofy footer shows us what a twin fin is capable of in hollow Indo waves.  While visiting Santa Barbara CA, Will met up with Ryan Lovelace to have a Twin Fin Fish hand-shaped with our very own Varial Foam technology. This board was made for small and medium sized waves waves, but of course William put it in technical places and drew big lines on steep faces.  

Not many people think of a Twin Fin Fish as their go-to board for Indo. But for William, getting shacked and riding big surf on this board was a challenge that he accepted and clearly excelled at.

Catch Fish featuring William Aliotti. Filmed by Manuel Claudeville Morell and Carlo Coral. Music and edit by Manuel Claudeville.

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