William Aliotti is a bit of an underground ripper who can apply his talents to a variety of traditional and non-traditional surf crafts.  A professional surfer hailing from France, this goofy footer shows us what a twin fin made with Varial Foam is capable of in hollow Indo waves.  

Watch Varial team rider Barron Mamiya in his new surf film  "Mind." Directed by Andrew Strorer and produced By Ward Management the 7-minute feature follows Barron on location in Oahu, Fiji, & Tahiti.


Varial Team Rider Barron Mamiya pushes the boundaries on advanced aerospace technologies and shows us all just what exactly a rocket ship under your feet can do.
Team Rider Flynn Novak has put a lot of work into dialing in his Varial Foam boards. In this sit down Flynn candidly goes over his personal experience using Varial Foam and the insights he's learned.