Surfboard shaping tool, tape measure, ruler, sandpaper, grid

Varial Foam: Shaping

Have you got your hands on a Varial Foam blank, and wondering what to do? Here are the basics you need to know about shaping Varial Foam... We can only give you the basic facts, the shape you'll have to come up with yourself. 

Varial foam shapes and sands smoothly, and can be finished shape like any other foam blank. It's receptive to all tools: screens, planers, sanding, and the foam will turn to dust and not chunk off.

Although it won’t bow or flex-out when in the racks, and it holds a clean and rigid line, do not leave a Varial foam on a rack with weight on it when it is not being shaped, or upright on its nose. This is because creep will occur and distort the rocker when un-glassed Varial Foam is under load for extended periods of time. If this does occur, the load can be reversed to creep material back to the original shape.