Varial surf technology employee laying up a surfboard, with fiberglass ready to infuse

Varial Foam: Glassing

You've shaped and finished your blank. What's next? Glassing. If you've decided to pass up on Varials Infused Glass, and glass your board yourself, here are a few things you need to know about glassing Varial Foam.

First off, Varial foam is for use with either Epoxy or Polyester resin systems, so use whichever resin you deem fit. Normal glassing schedules are recommended, but for ultra-lightweight boards, the single 4oz cloth can be used and still retain increased breaking strength.

The good thing about Varial foam is because it's rigid, it creates an extra strong hold for fin boxes. Route boxes as usual. 

When adding lams, and centering designs, we recommend setting up a laser light on your station to find the center of your board. The light acts as a place holder for a stringer and ensures that everything stays aligned. 

Because of the foams small cell size, any excess resin weight can be easily be squeegeed out. There's no out-gassing of the foam after shaping and because of the strong bond between core and fiberglass skins and there are little to no delamination issues.