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We Surfed Varial Foam Unglassed

  • By Paul Malixi
  • In Tech, Video

We Surfed Varial Foam Unglassed

There's no better way to demonstrate Varial Foam's strength, durability, and protection against taking in water than surfing it as is. No fiberglass. No resin.
The blank was completely dry minutes after the session and ready for another. Varial's uniform & tight cell structure also prevents heat damage and delaminations. If you ding a board with Varial Foam, that doesn't mean your surf is over and it won't make matters worse for a professional repair or the future integrity of the board. Click here to read more about Varial Foam Technology.

Since the blank is still intact, we have some ideas about future sessions for this board. (Re-shape? Fins?) Let us know your ideas for the future of this blank in the comments of our instagram post!

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