Custom Tint / Color Disclaimer

Infused Glass Technology is our proprietary lamination procedure that ensures the most efficient and proper distribution of either polyester or epoxy resin throughout your board. There are zero sections of pooled up resin that occurs from a traditional lamination process, which can create an imbalance to your surfboard's flex, weight, and performance.

We love adding color to our boards through this specialized process, but since the resin and fiberglass are vacuumed sealed, there is a slight possibility for color marbling that may occur from our specialized materials. This happens particularly on the deck of the board, an area generally waxed over covering any of these discolorations.

Color marbling example:

Color marbling is purely aesthetic and will not affect the structural integrity or performance of your board. If you are at all concerned about the potential of having any color marbling on your board, we would recommend requesting an "opaque tint" which is a non-translucent color pigment, and is less prone to exposing these types of discolorations.

Opaque tint examples:

We enjoy speaking with our customers to ensure the best performance and aesthetics when it comes to ordering a custom Varial Foam surfboard. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we'll be glad to help!