Fitzgerald P.Customer

Well I just surfed my new Twinsman Varial and all I have to say is WOW! Feels good - it doesn't feel like EPS but feels more like poly. Floats better than poly and turns on a dime. Thanks Varial!

Flynn NovakPro Surfer

My go-to board for Pipe has lasted 5 seasons and it looks and feels like new. I wouldn’t be suprised if it lasts forever.

Fernando G.Customer

I am happy to announce that the board arrived successfully to Costa Rica. Considering it’s the first time to see and feel one of your boards in real life, I am blown away with the lightness and stiffness of the construction - definitely feels like something else.

I am so pumped to experience it in the water next week with a proper south swell! I also appreciate the customer service with the emails and communication, you guys have been patient and clear with my questions. I am now looking forward to purchasing a Plasmic and Twinsman to keep expanding my quiver with your awesome technology. Much gratitude from Costa Rica!

Joe S.Customer

I got my board the same week as a hurricane swell and I am definitely surprised how it felt. I am used to heavy PU glassed boards so it did take a little getting used to but it absolutely didn’t have the corky feel that I hate about epoxy boards. I have two Trimcraft fish boards shaped by John Simon, one traditional and one Varial. The weight difference is mind blowing! The board paddled way easier than a 5’8” and was ultraresponsive. Can’t wait to get my Twin Pin and I’ll probably order a Neckbeard as well.