About Us

At Varial, we’re dedicated to building surfboards with the most advanced materials and manufacturing methods in the market.  We have spent countless hours researching, designing and testing products. With the valued hard work, innovation, and commitment of our team we are able to create high quality boards that are faster, lighter, and built to last. 

Varial was founded with the vision to engineer and build the world's highest performance boards by adapting advanced aerospace materials. By partnering with the most progressive companies in the action sports world, Varial is able to bring cutting edge technologies to market and put boards under the feet of the best athletes in the world in surf, snow and wake.

Today, we continue to bring quality and new technology advancements to our customers - all 100% hand crafted in the USA with integrity. 

 Learn more about our technologies.Barron Mamiya on a Chemistry surfboard, surfing at Backdoor Hawaii on his performance surfboard built with Varial foam