Varial Spring/Summer 2021 Surfboard Lineup

Varial Spring/Summer 2021 Surfboard Lineup

It's perfect timing to custom order or purchase one of our stock boards for the mellower waves incoming for Spring/Summer 2021. We wanted to showcase some special vehicles that belong in your quiver to guarantee you some small wave+ fun.


William Aliotti has been on a rampage with his twin fin Fish developed in collaboration with Ryan Lovelace. From 2ft slop to solid overhead Teahupo'o, this little 5'3" fish has held its ground. Compact, proven in all conditions, and definitely fun! Barrels, hacks, carves, airs, this board has you covered. We have this model specially handshaped by the talented crew at Trimcraft. Will's Fish are available for custom order or in stock when available. This is a great little board to take on any journey big or small.


The Surf Prescriptions - Deadly Flying turtle has been a favorite amongst the Varial crew. With its flatter rocker and generous surface area, this thing will get you into and flying down any ripple... but wait, how does it turn? With a double barrel concave nose to tail helps this board go rail to rail easy and rip! We currently have some in stock and always available for custom order.


The Hydra is a compilation of ...lost's greatest groveler hits. Don't be fooled by its traditional fish outline, there's a lot packed into this board allows for 3D performance surfing, rather than a skating fast over the surface that is common with these types of outlines. This board features a flatter deck, transitioning into fuller forgiving rails, and exiting out with a performance chine. A modern single to double with a refined mellow rocker ensures that you have all the tools necessary to destroy some small surf. The Hydra is available for custom order here.


The Album Twinsman is Asher Pacey and Josh Kerr's swiss army knife of surfboards. This is a great board to have as a groveler thanks to its flatter/concave deck carrying a lot of foam towards the rails, but foiled down on the exit for performance. The Twinsman features a winged swallow for added maneuverability/bite, along with some fancy concaves that really bring this board all together. But hey, if the waves get a little bigger and meaner, this board has you still covered. A great one to always have on you. Available in stock soon or for custom order.


The Aipa Dark Horse is a rad board to have in the quiver as it carries deep roots in Hawaiian surfboard design. Starting with Ben Aipa's Wing Twin and Swing Twin squash templates, it's been refined into a modern day performer. This board features a moderate rocker, dropped rail apex, and a polished single to double to ensure fun in smaller surf, yet will hold it's own if the surf gets bigger. Another great companion to always keep in your car and know it will perform in everyday conditions. We'll have the Aipa Dark Horse available in stock or for custom order.


Our Varial CI MIDs have proven to be a great all-around performer. Check out Devon Howard above, demonstrating how it's done. With a classic egg outline, center point pushed slightly forward, and a modern double barrel concave, it's a combo that wont disappoint. The CI Mid is a more forgiving mid-length but can get as complex as you want to take it with it's drive, speed, and arching turns. CI Mid is available in stock or for custom order.

Order these models with Varial Foam and you'll have a lively flex pattern like no other, lasting performance, and strong durability. Varial Foam will ensure you enjoy these designs for a very long time. Learn more about our technology here and happy surfing!