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The Swiss army knife of performance twin fin fish, the Twinsman! Out of all the boards in Asher Pacey's Album quiver, this was his trusted performer in most if not all conditions. A subtle concave deck, evenly distributed foam, and polished rocker + bottom contours offers drive, predictable performance, and turn responsiveness like no other. Josh Kerr has also validated design by primarily using the Twinsman in proper Indonesian surf.

  • Varial Foam core and Infused Glass for a long lasting, highly responsive board
  • Subtle concave deck + dialed rocker/bottom contours
  • Ideal for most conditions knee high to overhead+
  • Good for beginner to advanced shortboarders / twin fin riders
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Shaped by Album at their factory

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Stock Dimensions 3D View


5'0"18.75"2"23 L
5'2"19"2.13"25.3 L
5'3"19.13"2.18"26.6 L
5'4"19.25"2.25"27.9 L
5'5"19.38"2.3"29 L
5'6"19.5"2.32"30 L
5'8"19.76"2.38"32 L
5'9"19.88"2.4"33.4 L
5'10"20"2.44"34.4 L
5'11"20.25"2.48"36 L
6'0"20.5"2.5"37.3 L
6'2"21"2.63"40.4 L
6'4"21.5"2.75"43.9 L