By Pyzel

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The Ghost is a prime choice for surfers from around the world including John Florence thanks to its versatility in punchier surf. The Ghost was originally designed for hollow, heavier conditions bit it's proved itself to handle your local beach & point breaks.

  • Varial Foam core and Infused Glass for a long lasting, highly responsive board
  • A super versatile board and one of JJF's favorites for all kinds of waves. 
  • Rocker is med/low through the front half to get you into waves easily and pick up speed quickly
  • Wide point slightly past middle, but nose and tail are pulled in to fit tighter curves.
  • Thickness is also pushed forward, which helps with getting you into waves easily
  • Tail and rails thinned out to help hold through barrels and turns at speed
  • Comes standard with a round tail but available in your preferred tail design.
  • 100% made in the USA

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Stock Dimensions 3D View


5'9"18 7/8"2 3/8"(26 L)
5'11"19 1/8"2 1/2"(28.4 L)
6’0"19 3/8"2 9/16"(29.9 L)
6’1"19 1/2"2 5/8"(31.3 L)
6’2"19 5/8"2 11/16"(32.7 L)
6’3"19 7/8"2 3/4"(34.3 L)
6’4"20"2 7/8"(36.6 L)
6’5"20 1/4"3"(39.2 L)
6’6"20 1/2"3"(40.1 L)
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