Custom Pro Foil

By Varial Surf Technology


Custom surf foil featuring Varial Foam and Infused Glass. The superior strength of Varial Foam creates a super solid base for mast inserts. The rigid flex transfers weight front and back with out much deflection or chatter, creating a smooth and responsive ride. Infused Glass is vacuum bagged to further reduce weight and increase strength. 

  • Varial Foam core and Infused Glass for a long lasting, highly responsive board
  • Polyester Resin
  • Designed to hide maximum volume in a short and thick board
  • Tri-planed hull for quick paddling speed and initial lift
  • Pulled in round tail allows for tight turns
  • Concave deck for enhanced foot grip and control
  • Deep chined rails and tail to keep the board out of the water when turning
  • Straight thick tail to support the mast at 90 degrees  
  • Best in all types of waves from knee to head high
  • XStrong Glass: 6 + 4oz deck, 6 + 4oz bottom 
  • 2, 10.75" Futures boxes for mast
  • 100% made in the USA

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3D View