Tech Time: Strength And Flex

We got down and dirty in the lab, to put an end to buzz-word comparisons of strength and flex once and for all.
Varial engineered flat panel samples to remove all the variables that get in the way of a true 1:1 comparison. We made them with all the most popular glass layups in both epoxy and polyester resin. See the data for yourself. Throw out the “magic” and use science and take the design of your Infused Glass™ board to the next level.

 While you’re chewing on the data, here’s a few things we want to point out:

  • The myth of epoxy being stiffer than polyester is officially busted. Epoxy resin Infused Glass™ boards are up to 13% more flexible in bending. The more fiberglass you put on the board the less drastic the difference between the flex of polyester and epoxy boards.
  • We looked exclusively at deck buckling resistance in our study - that’s how boards usually break. If you want uniform strength everywhere on your board, stick to equal amounts of glass on the deck and hull.