conner coffin on his fred rubble 2, FR2 channel islands surfboard, WSL

Conner Coffin | Quicksilver Pro 2019

 Conner Coffin surfed his way to an equal 5th in the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast 2019 on his Channel Islands Surfboards Fred Rubble 2 built with Varial Foam and Infused Glass. Coffin took the board all the way to Quarter finals where he narrowly lost to John John Florence by 0.44 points. 

Coffin scored a 10.56 against John John Florence's 11.00, and had a last minute wave with a mind blowing power turn, arguably the best turn of the day.  Despite the close heat Conner looked sharp and ready to take control this season.

The 25-year-old has been practicing on his 5'10" Fred Rubble 2 at the points of Santa Barbara, recently winning the Rincon Classic, Pro Division on March 24th. He then headed off to the Gold Coast for training where he met up with Mick Fanning and chatted about his new Varial surfboard on his weekly Young Wise Tales video series.

Shaped by Mike Walter, Coffin's Channel Islands Fred Rubble 2 board is constructed with a Varial Foam core and Varial Infused Glass. A Futures thruster, the board has a 4e + 4s deck, 4 e bottom, is infused with polyester resin and sanded with some extra love from the Varial crew. 

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Photo Credit: Dunbar/WSL