Conner Coffin | Rincon Classic Pro

Conner Coffin won the In Memory Of Chris Brown (Brownies) Pro Division at the @surfhappens Rincon Classic yesterday riding his Channel Islands Fred Rubble 2 with Varial Foam and Infused Glass. 

The Santa Barbara local took out the 5'10" Channel Islands Fred Rubble 2 for some pre-season fun at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch last week. The R&D and training trip for @wsl Snapper Rocks let him get a feel for the board before the Rincon Classic.

Conner Coffin, Rincon Pro from Varial Surf Technology on Vimeo.

Coffin scored in the final heat giving him the Pro Division title, a good warm-up for the Quick Silver Pro, Gold Coast next month. All his earnings were passed on to Brownies daughter. 

Shaped by Mike Walter, Coffin's Channel Islands Fred Rubble 2 board is constructed with a Varial Foam core and Varial Infused Glass. A Futures thruster, the board has a 4e + 4s deck, 4 e bottom, is infused with polyester resin and sanded with some extra love from the Varial crew. 

Although still in the prototyping phase, Coffin said he plans to ride the Fred Rubble 2 on tour.

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