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Tech Time: Varial Foam

Why Varial Foam?

Varial Foam is the world’s first high performance foam adapted from advanced aerospace materials for surfboard construction. It is a new foam chemistry which focuses on improving the performance of the surfboard core. The high modulus of Varial Foam makes it 25% lighter and 30% stronger than a PU blank with a stringer. It provides a strong and lively foundation on which shapers can incorporate any flex option they desire. Our extremely tight cell structure and uniform density enhance the board building process, eliminating variables which negatively affect a board’s performance. Varial Foam is 100% UV resistant and is always stringerless. 

The Importance of Core Modulus

A high modulus core is essential to performance, and Varial Foam has more than 7x the modulus of polyurethane. It efficiently transfers the surfer’s energy directly through the core to the water’s surface instead of absorbing it, making the board faster and more responsive. A high modulus core allows increased bending and impact strength while maintaining a light-weight density and optimal flex. The increased strength eliminates the need for any type of reinforcing stringer, which yields a highly uniform and consistent structure. Most surfboard foam is very susceptible to yellowing with UV exposure; Varial foam is 100% UV resistant and will never yellow. Varial foam can also be glassed with polyester or epoxy resin.

Varial Foam Specs 

Uniform density throughout the entire blank. No soft centers or pour lines. Varial Foam is non-toxic and non-hazardous to work with.  Our advanced alcohol-based blowing agent allows for a high degree of crystallinity in the polymerization process. Current standard blank density is 2.35 pcf (+/- 10%). Small cell size allows for excess resin weight to be squeegeed out and provides minimal resin absorption. No out-gassing of the foam after shaping.Ultra-high surface energy creates a strong bond between core and fiberglass skins with little to no delamination issues. Rigid foam creates an extra strong hold for fin boxes. Fix a ding with any repair kit.