Burton Resonator Powsurf, with traction nubs, bindingless snowboard/ surfboard

Burton X Varial

Varial has teamed up with Burton Snowboards to build a high tech powder surfer, the Resonator. The first batch of Resonators going on sale January 3rd, for Winter 2019 through Burton.com and their flagship stores.

One of the key design criteria from @jgshred and the designers at @burtonsnowboards was that the Resonator have a very specific flex profile. There are a lot of surfboard design elements in this new powder surfer, but this is one area it was all snowboard. JG wanted the board to have the “surfy feel” of a soft flexing snowboard deck. He knew that would also make the board stick to your feet for control and maneuverability through turns. Burton’s lead snowboard engineer translated that into specific EI values (material stiffness x cross-sectional moment of inertia) at specific points along the entire length of the board. Luckily that matched up well with the capabilities of our materials and with our engineering core competencies – we were able to hang. The end result is a revolutionary powder surfer that rides like nothing before. Innovation through cross-sport collaboration and engineering. We’re proud to say it’s also 100% made in the USA at Varial’s Ventura, CA factory.